Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Last Night of Quiet

     My last night of quiet. My last night of my annual spring-break bachelorhood.  It has been a good week and a quiet week. I have had a fairly productive time. I have been refreshed. Most importantly I have realized once again that when I chose to marry my wonderful wife and have 5 children, I made the right choice.
     This house has grown to big with only me to fill it. I am beginning to long for a bit of thee craziness that fills it ever day under normal circumstances.  Not that I love the noise so much as I love the noise makers. The noise has become a part of me and without it, my world seems empty.
     I am growing tired of not having my best friend beside me in bed. I am lonely for the hugs and kisses at bedtime, even if there is usually a battle involved in getting the munckins in bed.  I miss the laughter and joking, the interaction with my children.  I like to be alone, but I don't want to be alone more than this. I hate to think of the moments I have missed with my family. Time is so short.
     I often think about what it will be like to have them all grown and gone. While there will be quiet and time  in abundance, I know that what there will be most of, is emptiness.  So tonight I will relish these last few hours of serenity. It will be sweet and precious, but more so because tomorrow I know that tomorrow my life will come rushing back to me in all its wild splendor.

Sleep well my dear ones, drive safe tomorrow. I will see you soon.

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