Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Vacation - Part II

     We made it to Key West without much excitement.  Unlike the last time we made the trip six years ago, we did not have a baby who screamed for 4 straight hours.  Sure the kids got a little fussy after a while, but they were fascinated enough by the ocean that they did not get too fussy.  My father-in-law had rented us a really great place and his wife had dinner waiting for us there when we arrived.  It was wonderful.  We ate and my in-laws went home.  The kids were watching TV and climbing on the couch, when Will says, "Ewwwh!  What smells like poop."  Let's just say that our little girl had exceeded the capacity of her pull-up and the white cloth couch now had a very not-white stain.  Less than thirty minutes in our room, and we had already achieved our all time most embarrassing family vacation moment. Not too shabby, if you ask me. 

There is a great view off our back balcony too.

This morning Caleb sat out there and stared for quite a bit. "I could sit here forever.  This is the perfect view", he told Karlye.  We had a mini church service out there after breakfast.  We read Genesis 1 and talked about creation with the kids. 

 Next it was off to the pool.  The kids almost didn't get to go.  They had been asking nonstop since we had arrived, and were all walking around the room in rubber flippers.  Then someone started whacking someone with a snorkel tube, prompting the best quote of the day, "The next person to hit another person loses a fin."

Josiah entertained the other guests with his attire.  You would never know the kid wasn't a native.

Everyone finally got to swim.

    After a while we packed up and headed to Grandpa's condo for lunch.  Then we hiked down to the beach.

 Elijah's first beach moment.

Will didn't write this, but he was quite fascinated with it when he found it.

     Ten little feet all lined up in the sand.

Grace chasing some seagulls.

    I am having a lot of fun relaxing and trying out my new 75-300 mm zoom lens that I got last year for my birthday.  I have probably enjoyed it too much, based on the reaction I've been getting from my spouse when she sees me pull out the camera.
     I'd really like to take time and write something meaningful or insightful, and I may yet have a chance.  Taking 5 kids on vacation is not conducive to blogging, I'm learning.  It's quiet now.  The two littlest ones are fast asleep.  The three older boys are staying with Grandpa and Chris the rest of the week (suckers!).  I'm listening to the crickets chirp and finally have a chance to stop for a while and think.
     I realize that as much as I fight taking these big long distance family vacations, that I do enjoy watching the kids amazement at all the new and exciting things that they never dreamed of back at home.  Yes, it's a hassle, and yeah, I prefer the mountains to the beach, but I am glad to be able to make these memories with my children.  I hope they will understand as they grow how important these times are.  I hope that they will not turn into teenagers that are so used to these kind of vacations that they stop appreciating them and the times like these that we have together.  I'm not sure I know how to accomplish that. At least for now, I see the wonder in their eyes, and I know that they are having the time of their lives.


  1. Cool post. Sounds like a nice vacation that poor couch lol

  2. Nice pictures... did you guys get the poop stain out?


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